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Before you call for help, follow these simple steps to try and resolve your internet issues. 




1.  Locate antenna power brick. Usually this is plugged into the back of your router.

(small black brick about the size of a bar of soap but can be a little bigger depending on your model)​​.

2.  Note what color lights are on the brick (either green or blue).

If no lights are visible then the brick has gone bad and will need to be replaced.

3.  Unplug the power brick, wait about 15 seconds then plug it back in.  After plugging it back in the brick should power back on with the same color light as what was originally there.

4.  Give the antenna a couple minutes to wake back up and your router about a minute or two after that to fully wake up.



Speed tests are approximations of your internet speed.  There are many factors that can influence a speed test result including:

  1. On Wi-Fi or hardwired into the router

  2. Distance from the router at time of testing

  3. Other devices actively using the wifi

  4. Poor antenna performance

  5. Peak Hour radio usage

  6. Or a damaged cable


  • In a simple manner speed tests are there to show you what is available when it comes to your bandwidth/internet speed.  If you are currently using your internet, say having your tv on to watch a movie while running a speed test will show a result slower than your actual capabilities.


  • While your internet may be working as intended, it’s hard to truly tell just from a speed test standpoint.



Like Slow Speed Tests there are various factors that can cause these symptoms:

  1. How far you are from the router

  2. Internet usage during peak hours

  3. Multiple devices all playing at once

  4. Antenna signal quality

  5. Router signal quality


  • Our recommendation is always that if you use it often or if its important for your livelihood then get it hardwired with an ethernet cord to be plugged into your router.

  • The closer you are to your router the better speeds you can see.  If you are in the same room, or hardwired into the router and you are still experiencing issues then we will need to take a look at the router and antenna to fully diagnose the issue for you.


If you are still having issues, please give us a call


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