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The Next Generation of Internet

The Future Is Here

Today’s homes and businesses need more. More bandwidth. More coverage. More scalability. HC Wireless delivers NexGen Fiber plans to power your life.


No one has time for spotty internet, jitters or lag time. When you want near-limitless connectivity, speed and reliability, fiber is the answer. Fiber Internet delivers consistent speeds up to 20x faster than cable for both uploads and downloads. Go ahead. Stream. Videoconference. Game. We’ve got you covered.

Technology at School


Choose Your NexGen Fiber Plan

  • 500 Mbps Internet for average streaming, gaming, downloading and videoconferencing needs

  • Covers families and home offices with reliable, fast Internet with impressive bandwidth

  • No data caps or contracts


  • 1G (1000 Mbps) Internet for locations with many connected devices and various Internet needs

  • Ideal for SMART homes and businesses with high bandwidth requirements

  • No data caps or contracts


  • 2G (2000 Mbps) Internet without limits

  • Perfect for homes and businesses with tech-heavy users, 20+ connected devices and high bandwidth requirements

  • No data caps or contracts


*Available in select areas. Additional equipment fees may apply. WiFi speeds may vary.

We’ve Got That Too

Hill Country Wireless offers cutting-edge WiFi connectivity for the ultimate experience you can count on for bandwidth-hungry applications like videoconferencing, streaming HD video, large uploads, gaming, and more.

Total WiFi Services

With Hill Country Wireless, our Total WiFi Services ensure optimal connection. We’re here to help. Because we’re local, we can quickly schedule onsite visits to connect a new device, improve WiFi coverage, and replace equipment. Get one-on-one tech support any time you need it.

Neon Lights

GigaSpire Blast u6.1 Router

Leveraging the latest advancements in fiber and WiFi technology, our u6.1 router combines lightning-fast speeds with whole-home coverage to give you an unrivaled online experience. It provides a longer range, higher efficiency, and is less affected by interference from other nearby WiFi gateways.

GigaSpire Blast u4 Router

Our sleekest and most minimalistic router is a new-generation EDGE System that integrates the latest WiFi technology customizable to your space. With features like intelligent mesh for amazing home coverage, automated security updates, and parental controls, it’s all you need for an exceptional WiFi experience.



Hands-down, fiber Internet speeds outperform any other connection route. The difference is noticeable in how quickly you can upload and download even the largest files, applications, videos and more.


Because fiber optic lines aren’t subject to the traffic jams wired cable lines face, you will enjoy consistently steady connections, even at peak times and with multiple connected devices. Kiss outages goodbye.


As technology advances, fiber Internet can keep up, supplying the bandwidth newer devices need to truly shine. Picture quality and responsiveness of your TVs and gaming systems go to another level with fiber.


With fiber Internet, connect limitless devices, stream on different TVs, and game without connection interruption or lags. Fiber can handle them all - at the same time - so you have the best online experience.

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