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Connect Your Home. Connect Your Life.

Powerful Internet You Don’t Have to Think About 

When it comes to getting Internet and WiFi connection, you just want it to work. HC Wireless offers fast, reliable and secure Internet without lag times or jitter.


Whether you want fast wireless Internet or lightning-fast fiber Internet, HC Wireless can get your home connected so you can work, stream, game and socialize on all your devices. No gimmicks. No contracts. No stress. Just reliable Internet connectivity with the speed and bandwidth you need from a local provider who answers when you call.



HC Wireless NextGen Fiber Plans offer incredible speeds of up to 2G in many areas in Blanco County for blazing-fast connection.

See if fiber and wireless Internet are available in your area.




Take your streaming, gaming and work to the next level. HC Wireless NextGen Fiber delivers maximum bandwidth and upload/download speeds of up to 2 Gig in select areas.


Count on HC Wireless Ultra-Wireless plans to power you and your family’s favorite devices, apps, games and more with download speeds of up to 500 Mbps..


Hill Country Wireless offers cutting-edge WiFi connectivity for the ultimate experience you can count on for bandwidth-hungry applications like videoconferencing, streaming HD video, large uploads, gaming, and more.

Total WiFi Services

With Hill Country Wireless, our Total WiFi Services ensure optimal connection. We’re here to help. Because we’re local, we can quickly schedule onsite visits to connect a new device, improve WiFi coverage, and replace equipment. Get one-on-one tech support any time you need it.


GigaSpire Blast u6.1 Router

Leveraging the latest advancements in fiber and WiFi technology, our u6.1 router combines lightning-fast speeds with whole-home coverage to give you an unrivaled online experience. It provides a longer range, higher efficiency, and is less affected by interference from other nearby WiFi gateways.

GigaSpire Blast u4 Router

Our sleekest and most minimalistic router is a new-generation EDGE System that integrates the latest WiFi technology customizable to your space. With features like intelligent mesh for amazing home coverage, automated security updates, and parental controls, it’s all you need for an exceptional WiFi experience.

Working from Home

Why Choose
HC Wireless NexGen Fiber?

If you’re in an area where HC Wireless NexGen Fiber is available, you’re in luck. HC Wireless NexGen Fiber is the preeminent technology to deliver Internet services that outperform cable and other Internet services hands down.


Only HC Wireless NexGen Fiber offers equally fast upload and download speeds for a smooth experience no matter the device or number of devices connected.


HC Wireless NexGen Fiber is faster than cable or other broadband Internet services - 25-100x faster, even at peak times.

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